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Our three guarantees for successful prospecting campaigns.

What are Rafale’s 3 Guarantees?

Our 3 distinct Guarantees are the building block of our reputation. We are very proud of these, as they also ensure your investment will pay off. At Rafale, our commitment is based on package deals that include a minimum number of Qualified Prospects with decision-makers, as well as a guaranteed number of Transferred Appointments. This enables you to have a realistic estimate of our collaboration’s actual cost and make appropriate budget forecasts.

Our Guarantees in 3 steps

Proprietary and confidential Targeted Database

Throughout the campaign, Rafale will help you create your own Targeted Database to be used for prospection. Based on our directories and expertise, this Database contains the businesses you targeted and approved during a clear definition process. In addition, this database will not be available to other businesses in your field. The wealth of information collected during your campaigns and added to it belongs to you and is kept confidential.

Qualified Prospects

Our uniqueness lies in the quality of the resources we deploy specifically to holdrelevant conversations with decision-makers. Our goal is to promote your firm and services in order to then qualify the given prospect and transform this conversation into beneficial meetings for you (on short or long term). The useful information obtained during these conversations is available at all times through the client's portal.

Qualified Prospects are part of an ongoing strategy with a long-term focus. As a result, in addition to providing you with the information and records about the prospects you targeted, we take care of follow-up calls and tracking, and schedule phone calls at appropriate moments through a rigorous process. The purpose of this is to let the prospect's project mature and to provide you with the necessary tools to nurture your opportunities and to close the deal at the right time.

Transferred Appointments

When defining a campaign, you and Rafale agree on a number of Transferred Appointments you wish to secure. As each of our Guarantees is independent from the others, we are committed to keeping our promise notwithstanding the number of conversations or exchanges agreed upon for the prospection phase. We work together to select the right package and we keep our promise through Transferred Appointments that lead to new opportunities. These are Rafale’s 3 Guarantees!

Did you know...

10 to 15% of decision makers we contact become qualified appointments.

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Nos 3 Garanties

Base de données ciblée

  • mise à jour et incluant toute l'Intelligence d'affaires récoltée;
  • à laquelle vous avez accès en temps réel;
  • bâtie avec notre expertise commune selon des critères précis;
  • réservée à votre organisation et vous appartenant.

Prospects qualifiés
  • hauts décisionnels ciblés joints;
  • qualification des prospects;
  • relationnel, conversations et suivis entretenus avec eux.
Rendez-vous transférés
  • finalités découlant d'un énorme travail en amont;
  • planifiés sur acceptation des décideurs;
  • au cours desquels vous présentez votre proposition de valeur.
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