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Rafale's passionate, qualified and multidisciplinary team evolves according to these 5 values:

  • Commitment      
  • Enthusiasm         
  • Proactivity           
  • Professionalism
  • Respect                 
  • Trust                      

  • Christine Chartrand


    The Rafale value that defines her the most: proactivity.

    Entrepreneur and passionate, Christine started her business in 2005, after her internship in business development. She took this field by storm, more specifically corporate prospection. Her goal? Make it essential to Quebec companies through a methodical and quantifiable approach. Christine is a visionary and inspiring manager, with a desire to innovate and professional creativity.

    Always with the aim of perfecting and sharing best business practices, Christine has been a member of several associations, including the Groupement des chefs since 2011.

    Number 1 on her bucket list: Complete the Big Five marathon in South Africa.
    Number 8 on her bucket list: Learn a piece on the guitar with his 3 boys who accompany her.

    Monique St-Pierre

    Director of Development

    The Rafale value that defines her the most: enthusiasm.

    In 2011, Monique joined Rafale with extensive experience as a provincial sales team manager, as well as in retail and corporate development. Since then, her role has evolved to match her skills and determination. Among other things, she is responsible for promoting the organization to its external and internal clients. Monique is the very definition of a people person, and her good humour and dynamism are contagious. She knows how to motivate and take care of her team as the unifying leader she is.

    Monique is involved with the Réseau des femmes d'affaires du Québec (RFAQ), and the chambers of commerce of Laval and Thérèse-de Blainville.

    Number 1 on her bucket list: Have a good glass of Chianti in Tuscany directly in the vineyard!
    Number 12 on her bucket list: Finish her bucket list.

    Christine Chartrand

    Strategic Advisor

    The Rafale value that defines her the most: commitment.

    Katy-Ann has university degrees in communication, including a graduate degree in 2007. She also has a background in project management, in institutional and corporate environments. At Rafale, she is in charge of marketing activities and customer experience. Proactively, she ensures that the development strategy is relevant and that the campaign performs. Due to the effectiveness of her efforts and her boundless energy since she arrived in 2016, Katy-Ann's responsibilities within Rafale have continued to grow... as has the satisfaction rate of Rafale's business customers and partners.

    Number 1 on her bucket list: Get her black belt in Taekwondo in South Korea.
    Number 5 on her bucket list: For her children to give her room on the drums to learn a Metallica song.

    At the heart of the success of its campaigns, Rafale is proud of its development agents who constitute a true S.W.A.T. team for its clients. Strategically hand-picked, this select team has an average seniority of 7 years! Not only talented in strategic prospecting, the Rafallois also have a great knowledge of the high level decision-makers of Quebec organizations and the business world. A continuous training program allows them to evolve and reach their full potential. They live the Rafale values in all spheres of their lives and transmit in each of their professional activities the organization's vision: to make its customers shine and grow.

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    Pour joindre 10 à 15 décideurs, nos agents doivent faire 80 à 100 appels chaque jour.

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