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April 2nd, 2019

As a representative, it is important to use certain strategies and analyze why to use them, to avoid replicating deficient behaviours and to replicate those that have been effective. Moreover, understanding the prospects allows you to dance with them and lead where you want those who are ready.

This first tactic will help you understand what needs to be done to help you, and also to help your prospect, in the event that he answers "no’’ when you tried for the first time to close the sale.

The prospect will not change his mind

You will agree that it is difficult to change a prospect’s opinion when he has just told you no. This would be like to make him admit that he was wrong to refuse in the first place. Insisting later on would serve only to irritate him further. This is not the right approach to use to persuade him to buy.

The ‘’new decision’’ close

Indeed, a prospect will not change his mind, but he will be happy to make a "new decision" based on "new information". This is why we must avoid giving all our benefits at the beginning. It is wiser to adopt another strategy: suggest that he buy for the first time as soon as possible, as soon as you have succeeded in arousing his interest.

Reassure your prospects by giving them more information

Some prospects will respond ‘’no’’ automatically simply because they do not want to look too easy to convince. So you have to understand that he is actually telling you "Tell me more. "," Give me more information. "


Make it easier for them, reassure them by exposing more distinctive advantages that support the decision to buy from you as the right one.


In conclusion, you must therefore try to close the sale as soon as you have presented a competitive strength, knowing that it is possible that the prospect refuses at first, to give you the opportunity to put forward additional benefits afterward.



By Manon Verreau, Rafale development agent

Source: ZIGLAR, Z. (2004). Secrets of closing the sale. Ada: Revell.

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