The steps of a successful canvassing process through B2B prospection.

Our key steps

  • Analysis and planning
  • Targeting potential markets
  • Screening
  • Understanding the strengths of your sales pitch
  • Script writing
  • Training development agends
  • Strategic prospection
  • Enhancing the Targeted Database
  • Transfering Appointments
  • Campaign monitoring, support, exchange and training workshops between customers and Rafalois

Your involvement: before, during and after

Your participation is the key to a successful campaign. Before kicking-off the prospection phase, you will need to fill out a questionnaire to share your knowledge on the characteristics and benefits of your firm with Rafale. During the campaign, you will need to reserve time slots for meetings, confirm and, of course, attend Transferred Appointments.

How can I effectively target my market?

Our database contains all the businesses in North America. We first create a list of businesses and you are then called upon to participate in the screening process. We are able to target data by business area, region, sales figures and even by workforce. We are also able to identify duplicates to avoid contacting your current clients. It bears mentioning that the quality of the list of targeted companies is directly proportional to the quantity of Transferred Appointments obtained.

Steps to undertake before securing a qualified appointment

During the prospection phase, we are aware that 10% to 15% of decision-makers reached after several attempts automatically become Transferred Appointments. As potential clients usually request documentation on your firm, we pass it on to them or direct them to your website. We then call them back for a follow-up, to schedule an Appointment or to agree on a subsequent call-back.

Did you know...

Rafale vous offre plus que des Rendez-vous transférés : une Intelligence d'affaires !

Nos 3 Garanties incluent également une richesse d'information vous permettant d'optimiser vos stratégies.

Discover your potential

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Nos 3 Garanties

Base de données ciblée

  • mise à jour et incluant toute l'Intelligence d'affaires récoltée;
  • à laquelle vous avez accès en temps réel;
  • bâtie avec notre expertise commune selon des critères précis;
  • réservée à votre organisation et vous appartenant.

Prospects qualifiés
  • hauts décisionnels ciblés joints;
  • qualification des prospects;
  • relationnel, conversations et suivis entretenus avec eux.
Rendez-vous transférés
  • finalités découlant d'un énorme travail en amont;
  • planifiés sur acceptation des décideurs;
  • au cours desquels vous présentez votre proposition de valeur.