Boost your business opportunities through B2B prospection.

Rafale Sélection Contact services: an effective methodology and a fast return on investment.


At Rafale, we take care of every step of your corporate development, starting with establishing the most winning development strategy according to your needs and objectives.

We establish the market to develop for a successful campaign. We have the contact database of all companies in Quebec and North America. Rafale development agents work in both English and French. To bring new opportunities, we start by defining with you the perimeter of intervention by selecting the sector(s), the size and the profile of the targeted companies as well as the objectives you wish to reach.

The more precise and well thought-out the definition of your target market, the more interesting and growth-generating the opportunities will be for your company. Rafale has the tools, methodology and expertise to guide and support you in this crucial step.

We produce a sales pitch that generates interest in your business.

Rafale acts as the spokesperson for your business and is your initial contact with prospective clients. Our skilled development agents will set up a quality script that distinguishes your value proposition, with the objective of convincing and mobilizing these prospects during the initial contact.

Your involvement in establishing your sales pitch is crucial, as it will allows us to understand your offer. Identifying your strengths and your marketing potential also enables us to achieve our main objective: fulfilling a real need for your services and help you generate sales more easily. We have the solutions and expertise to produce a quality script to generate interest and lead to a return on investment.

We obtain the right information to better prepare your business meetings.

Rafale leverages its know-how to hold relevant discussions with your prospective clients and build a trusting relationship. These conversations, focused on mutual input, aim to gather information to help you solidify the opportunity and ultimately close the sale. Beyond simply obtaining Transferred Appointments with new prospects, we also provide you with relevant statistics on them, as well as comprehensive data. Naturally, a well-qualified appointment will lead to a productive meeting that has a higher chance to pay off. As a result, all qualified appointment transfers feature a summary of the discussion, a meeting file, as well as the Rafale agent’s comments and overview.

We call that Qualified Prospects. However, there is much more to it than simply making an appointment; it also sets the stage for business relations in the long run. Rafale’s prospectors provide you all relevant information and documentation regarding interested prospective clients that cannot schedule a meeting immediately. Said agents provide you with a summary of their conversation and the prospect’s expectations, as well as crucial information on their situation, and set specific callback dates enabling to resume contact when the time is right.

Did you know...

Rafale vous offre plus que des Rendez-vous transférés : une Intelligence d'affaires !

Nos 3 Garanties incluent également une richesse d'information vous permettant d'optimiser vos stratégies.

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Targeted database

  • updated and including all business intelligence gathered;
  • to which you have real-time access;
  • built with our shared expertise according to precise criteria;
  • reserved for your organization and belonging to you.

Qualified prospects
  • high-level decison markers, targeted and reached;
  • prospects qualification;
  • relationship, conversations and follow-up maintained with them.
Appointments transferred
  • goals derived from a great deal of upstream work;
  • scheduled on acceptance by decision-makers;
  • during which you present your value proposition.
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