Our clients’ feedback

«Thanks to you, we got a lot of new customers and you saved us a great time. Rafale met our expectations and we are fully satisfied with the service provided.»
« If I chose Rafale to support our company's development business, it is first and foremost for the confidence generated by your commitment to results. From the beginning, you clearly took on the aspects with which we were less comfortable and have explained very clearly your robust process, proven and reliable. We felt at that time that we were in good hands and decided to tell you a first term. This is definitely one of our best business decisions to date. You have proven to be up to your promises. The investment pays for itself quickly and repeatedly, so that we would not hesitate to recommend your services to our business partners.»
«The Rafale Team consulted with us and we quickly became familiar with the basic principles of our software, its characteristics which enabled them to target corporate customers. The speeches as well as the arguments were validated together. In a few weeks we have received qualified and confirmed appointments.»
«During your visit to assess our needs and our strategy in the development of our sales, you have demonstrated your professionalism by listening and advice tailored to our situation and needs. We greatly appreciate the business solutions you offered us and your service company telephone canvassing. It is with pleasure and duty that we refer Rafale Selection Contact to all of our business partners.»
«We were really impressed by the offer of guarantees and the way you've surpassed them, guarantees that I would qualify as bold.»
«Since the beginning of our partnership in 2010, Rafale has demonstrated an immense professionalism and extraordinary cooperation on top of ensuring that each of our campaigns is profitable. To date, the rate of customer retention obtained by Rafale is 100%.»

Did you know...

10 to 15% of decision makers we contact become qualified appointments.

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  • mise à jour et incluant toute l'Intelligence d'affaires récoltée;
  • à laquelle vous avez accès en temps réel;
  • bâtie avec notre expertise commune selon des critères précis;
  • réservée à votre organisation et vous appartenant.

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  • hauts décisionnels ciblés joints;
  • qualification des prospects;
  • relationnel, conversations et suivis entretenus avec eux.
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  • finalités découlant d'un énorme travail en amont;
  • planifiés sur acceptation des décideurs;
  • au cours desquels vous présentez votre proposition de valeur.